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Irongrass Environmental Rehabilitation Services established on 13th September 2010 by Andrew Allanson and Janet Kuys. Andrew has worked in the environmental management industry for over 18 years – beginning in 1992. Janet has worked in the industry since 1994. Services we provide include; Revegetation and bush management plans, Project management for revegetation and bush management, Vegetation surveys for local councils, Government Departments, NRM Boards and private landholders. Training workshops on; seed collection, revegetation planning, bush management, weed control. On-ground work including; bush regeneration work, seed collection, landholder training on-site.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who are Andrew & Janet?

Andrew has a Degree in Conservation and Park Management (B. App. Sc.), he developed the Bush For Life program in Trees For Life and was a pioneer in bush management for volunteers.

Janet has Diploma in Conservation Land Management, Certificate in Small Business Management and a Certificate in Production Horticulture. Janet has spent many years working with landholders and has experience with Environmental Management Systems and the use of GIS and Arcmap.

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