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Irongrass Environmental Rehabilitation Services established on 13th September 2010 by Andrew Allanson and Janet Kuys. Andrew has worked in the environmental management industry for over 18 years – beginning in 1992. Janet has worked in the industry since 1994. Services we provide include; Revegetation and bush management plans, Project management for revegetation and bush management, Vegetation surveys for local councils, Government Departments, NRM Boards and private landholders. Training workshops on; seed collection, revegetation planning, bush management, weed control. On-ground work including; bush regeneration work, seed collection, landholder training on-site.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Irongrass Environmental Rehabilitation Services: Contracts and Consultancies

Irongrass Environmental Rehabilitation Services: Contracts and Consultancies:
Bush Management : We have been busy with many contracts controlling WoNs (Weeds of National Significance) on private and public land.

Bushland Condition Monitoring: BCM is now being used by most agencies and NGO's to set up baseline data of a site before any management work is carried out. This and Bio-Survey's are the only monitoring tools readily used to assess sites. We have a great deal of experience carrying out both BCM's and Bio-Surveys. As a team we have set up monitoring sites in areas from the Mid-North of SA to the SE. We are quick and efficient in the way we work and ensure that all monitoring aspects are completed.

Vegetation Management Plans: Owning a block of remnant vegetation is a wonderful thing but knowing how to manage it is a completely different matter. Having not only worked in the field of managing patches of vegetation but also owing 700ha's of bushland and restoring our own home property to native vegetation gives us practical knowledge on what needs to be done and when. We also understand the limitation of most people in regard to what they can do. Our plans give landowners not only understanding of what they own but the knowledge of what it is needs to be done to look after it, without turning it into a burden.

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